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(Sends a 1 page fax to your fax number, so you can verify your fax machine is working)
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Send a fax from your fax machine to 587-747-0171, The system will send a confirmation fax back to the callerid of that fax number, verifying both incomming and outgoing.
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is located at:
Suite 225, 1015 4th street, SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2R 1J4

Ontario Office:
Suite 301, 159 King Street
 Peterborough ON K9J 2R8

phone: (403) 297-0270
fax: (403)-297-0271
Disaster Recovery and Backup
We can provide a cloud based backup solution which can backup selected file/databases upto a whole system or computer. Please Contact us for pricing.

This is the same solution that we offer to all of our Mediplan (EMR) clients. Your data is hosted in Canada and is encrypted by a password only you know.

Security Training

An organization's people, information, operations, and systems are critical assets. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, public image, and a competitive edge.

Courses / Quizes
Health Information Act and regulations
Basic Security Awareness course
Advanced Security Awareness course
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